ore no sekai

Yeay!! Finally …. S-N #apron wkwkwk ~  for @dewiduck ♥ #sewing #sakumiya #嵐

ATTENTION Arashi fans.


maonano here on tumblr is re-uploading subbed files from gaijinnohana on LiveJournal and those files are not meant to be streamed, if you want the files please go there and get them it’s not hard to become a member. Please don’t support re-uploaders by liking or reblogging the posts.

I’ll delete this post once the videos have been taken down.

Mine.. similar design with gamikun’s \(‘jjj’)/ #Shinigami-kun #大野智

For you~ anyone interest on Maifasu’s The Ending of the Beginning Tour Documentary..just go here:

Please do not re-upload! Support them! Buy original album~

P.s: Sharing is Caring ^-^