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From Sato Takeru photobook ‘ALTERNATIVE’
Takeru × Taka Cross Talk<6>
Their conversation has picked up momentum and they talk on about their future.
Sato: I don’t know all the artists in the world, of course, but for me ONE OK ROCK is by far the best of all. After I heard their song for the first time, I went to their live and I’ve been thinking they are the best since before they made their major debut. And now, as a matter of practice, they are No.1. From my point of view, ‘The world is late to realize that!’ And they’ll keep climbing the ladder of success. I wish they will become No. 1 in the world, and I think they will.
Taka: I usually think acting is not all Takeru should do. I really think he should try many different things and I believe he is competent enough to do so. I won’t say this and that determining his ‘now’. He will go further and further not only as an actor but also as a human. I expect him to do so. He is a person who is capable of doing it. I’d like to wait and see him do it. As for me, to the contrary, if I should lose songs, there would be nothing left for me. But in Takeru’s case, I don’t think his career now is everything to him. I have a feeling that I want to take a close look at his various challenges really as a closest friend, and by getting stimulated by him, I want to keep on singing as long as possible. I don’t know the world of actors, but every world has its good point. It can be said about music, too. Of course I like ‘Sato Takeru as an actor’, but I tend to like ‘Sato Takeru as a human being’, so I’d be happiest if he progresses as he is doing now. For that matter, he has already done so. So I’m not worried about Takeru. I’m looking forward to the future, very much. I wonder what Takeru will be up to. I believe that when he is over thirty and has gained power to move many things at will, he will do something intriguing, and in the future, it will be exciting to do some different kind of work together with him. I want to be such a person for Takeru and I want him to be like that.
Two of them have finished their sushi completely, and show a comfortably relaxed expression on their face. Taka says he will leave for the United States a few days later. And Takeru is close to wrap-up of ‘Bitter Blood’. Just after finishing it, the shooting of the live action film ‘Baku Man’ is to start. While both of them are very busy, they talk intimately making every minute count, sipping their tea.
I asked them for final word to each other to conclude this crosstalk, though it might be a little embarrassing.
Sato: Final word to Taka? I have nothing. If I have something to say, I usually say it to him.
Taka: Me? Well, it may be this. I want Takeru to be happy.
Sato: Hmm? Happy I am!?
Taka: Much happier. Much further.
Sato: Well, OK. But I’m not just… I really never wish ‘just to be happy’ or ‘just to have a good time’.
Taka: Yes, yes. I already know that. No, what I mean is I want you to have actual sense of ‘being happy’.
Sato: I’m happy.
Taka: I want you to have an overwhelming sense of happiness (lol), without analyzing the ‘happiness’ logically in your mind.
Sato: (burst out laughing) Basically, I’m always happy (lol).
Taka: Yup, well, so, I want you to take it to the lever of ‘Happy. Wow…I’m super happy!’
Sato: But it’s difficult. For example, those who are careless and don’t sense the atmosphere may unconditionally feel happy as you say. Now, when I ask you if you’d like to be such a person, you’ll say no, won’t you? 
Taka: Surely I don’t want to be like that.
Sato: That’s the difficult point. You could be happier, right? You would be happier but you don’t want to be a person like that. So there’s something more important than to be happy, you know.
Taka: What’s that? Tell me as the final word. Hey, close this crosstalk with it!
Sato: It is… it will be found later, I think. There’s something more important than to be happy. It is being yourself that is important.
Taka: I see. Being myself.
Sato: Being myself. Let’s treasure it.
*Thank you for reading this long interview. I’d be happy if you enjoyed it! Sorry for all the errors in spelling or grammar, if any. Translating this article gave me a chance to read it again and again and contemplate their relationship.
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